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  The Home Of Hotline's Movable 3 Line System

Upgraded - Premium 3 Reel System - 500M 9 Strand Turbobraid With Geared Reels 

RRP £646.50 Our Offer Price £427.84

Poultry Netting

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Foxes can be a major nuisance in attacking poultry, fouling gardens, digging up sports fields, destroying bowling greens etc. Keep them away with an electric netting system - it's very effective. An electric chicken net will also protect the same area from badgers, rabbits, dogs and cats

Electric Fencing Direct is the home of the Fox Buster Poultry Net.  We stock electrified poultry netting for all sizes of flocks and usage, including the amazing Premium Fox Buster Poultry Net in 50m or 25m sizes and check out the top of the range Professional Fox Buster Poultry Net in 50m or 25m.

Note: the bottom line of electric netting is not electrified and can therefore sit on the ground.  It should, however, be pegged down.



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