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Electric Fence Netting

Electric netting or mesh is a convenient way of creating a boundary to keep livestock in or predators out.  Electric netting fences can be used for many different jobs - covering large or small distances.  The nets are quick and easy to install and can be moved around too.

Electric poultry netting is extremely popular and is an effective way to protect your chickens from foxes and badgers.  Our large range of electric nets enables us to help you protect your garden from rabbits and badgers, your newly planted rose bushes from deer and it will stop your sheep escaping!

We also have a range of netting accessories including - gates, extra strong corner posts and netting repair kits etc.  Furthermore we have created ready made electric netting kits that contain all you need to get up and running.

Get in touch and with our experience and expertise we can help you to get the right electric netting set up for your needs.

Please Note: The bottom line of all electric netting is not live. It can be pegged into the ground. The next horizontal line up from the bottom is live.