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Keeping Animals Out - Foxes

Different types of electric fencing to keep foxes out:

Electric Netting

Foxes can be a major nuisance in fouling gardens, sports fields, bowling greens etc. To keep them away, an electric netting system is very effective. It will also protect the same area from badgers, rabbits, dogs and cats (see also Poultry). Because it can be erected and taken down quickly it can be used as a temporary solution (i.e. at night). A more permanent solution based on 5-7 lines of wires can also be created.

A more permanent electric fencing system can be created by using lines of wire supported on Insulators screwed into wooden or metal posts.

Electric Fencing

By weaving 3 lines of wire in an electric net and then tensioning the wire a stronger and permanent netting system can be created.

Keeping foxes off walls, fences and roofs

To keep foxes out and off fences/walls/roofs etc., a barrier can be created by an electric fence of wire/polywire mounted on Insulators. As an electric fence will only work by touching the live wire and the earth at the same time, an artificial earth will need to be created on a non metal fence or wall e.g. another wire, this time linked to the earth stake instead of the energiser.

Aviary protection

Foxes can be kept away from permanent poultry/pheasant runs or aviaries by adding 2 or 3 lines of electrified wire, supported by Insulators, on the existing posts of the enclosure. Ideally the bottom line should be supported by off-set Insulators, to stop any digging. A separate fence line mounted on short posts located 10cms (1-2') away from the main fence is also fine. Other lines are aimed at stopping foxes from climbing the fence.
To stop foxes from climbing over/on existing fences or buildings offset Insulators supporting lines of wire can be very effective.

Urban Garden

If your objective is to keep foxes away from poultry please see the Poultry pages. We have created a series of electric fence kits depending on your requirements and power source i.e. battery or mains.

Kits And More Information

We have created a series of electric fence kits depending on the distance to be protected. For more information, details of kits, pricing and order information please call us on 01620 860058 or complete the Brochure Request form (brochures can be instantly downloaded).