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Product Guide - Posts

An electric fence system normally requires two different types of electric fencing posts: corner posts, used where greater tension is needed in the fence line and line posts, used to support the fence wire between the corners.

There are many different shapes, sizes, colours and prices of posts. There are also posts which are specific to the type of animal you are trying to protect or keep out.

What is important with posts is good spacing, stability and strength. This equals LOW MAINTENANCE and GOOD CONDUCTIVITY. In turn, this equals SAFE animals and PROTECTED land - simple.

Make sure you get the right ones.

Post sizes:

  1. Garden Post - CP3
  2. All Plastic Pigtail Post - P16
  3. Premium Paddock Post - CP2000
  4. Value Eco Paddock Post - ECO2000
  5. Stirrup Post - HP5
  6. Tall Paddock Post - CP14
  7. Metal Post - P3
  8. Live Post - PL32
  9. Metal Pigtail Post - P2
  10. 'Zig Zag' Post - SP15
  11. Reel Post - PR2
  12. End/Corner Post - PR3

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