25m x 1.1m Standard Electric Poultry Netting
£99.23 (incl VAT)

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This net is our standard poultry net. The net is 1.10m high by 25m in length, is dark green, is close mesh (7.5cm by 5cm sq) and includes:

  • galvanised peg set for securing the bottom line
  • 9 built in single pronged posts
  • guy ropes and pegs for the end posts and better stability
  • a repair kit and a warning sign

This is a good net to get you going and is at a great price.  Need extra stability for undulating ground?  Try corner posts.

Until now access in and out of an enclosure was far from hassle free. Our Hot Gate system allows access without the need to disconnect the energiser or untie fiddly cords. You can now carry a water bucket in one hand and open the Hot Gate with the other using the fully insulated handles.  Click on Hot Gates to find this product in our online shop.