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Product Guide - Energisers

Which electric fencing energiser do you need?

  • Look at power choices - mains, battery or battery/solar
  • Consider how much power output you need and the distance of the fencing
  • Which type of fencing are you putting up?

In brief the job of the Energiser is to convert power (from the mains, battery or light (solar)) to pulses and push them down the electric fence line. The pulses are of high voltage and low amperage, which makes them, like static electricity, safe but an unpleasant experience when touched. We have a whole range of energisers to power electric fences. The difference between Energisers is in their pushing power and energy, i.e. how far can they push the pulse and at the same time maintain their voltage. See the table below for some or our energisers.

1.     Power Choices:

2.     A Rough Guide to determine which is the right energiser for the appropriate electric fence by meterage - length of fence x the number of lines of tape/rope/wire) x 1.5 (add more for planned future expansion). Check the max single line distance below.

3.     A stronger Energiser should always be used to contain or exclude animals which are carnivorous (e.g. Fox) or are well insulated (e.g. SheepBadgers & Rabbits). Similarly, it is advisable to choose a stronger Energiser for powering Electric Netting as the netting live lines will always touch vegetation, which causes earthing and power loss. We have devised all our kits so they will easily cope with the number of lines or nets required and also allows for future expansion.

Our aim is to offer a VALUE FOR MONEY solution by supplying good quality and reliable products at the right price - we are happy to discuss your requirements: email or call: 01620 860058.

We also supply solar panels and stands - these are compatible with various energisers and work as solar assist.

NOTE: All our Energisers have a two-year warranty.

Model Single
Line (Km)
Max Sheep Nets Max Poultry Nets Input Output

Smart Combination Energisers

Raptor 80 8km 5 2 6v, 12v or mains 0.7 £165.25
Raptor 170 18km 15 4 6v, 12v or mains 1.3 £170.68

Mains & Combination Energisers

Gemini HLC40 4km 5 2 Mains or 12V 0.40 £92.78
Gemini HLC80 8km 10 3 Mains or 12V 0.80 £104.86
Gemini HLC120 12km 15 5 Mains or 12V 1.20 £125.54
Condor HLM400 30km 25 15 Mains 3.40 £257.14
Peregrine HLM600 40km 25 20 Mains 5.60 £328.63
Phoenix HLM700 50km 30 25 Mains 7.90 £327.47

Battery Energisers

Gemini HLC40 8km 5 2 Mains or 12V 0.40 £92.78
Gemini HLC80 12km 10 3 Mains or 12V 0.80 £104.86
Gemini HLC120 18km 15 4 Mains or 12V 1.2 £125.54
Shrike HLB100 800m n/a n/a 3V D-cell 0.04 £78.89
Hobby HLB50 6km 5 2 12V 0.5 £135.64
Falcon HLB500 18km 15 5 12V 1.20 £148.30

Solar Powered Energisers

Fire Drake 34 2.5km 3 0 12v/Solar 0.25 £249.23
Fire Drake 67 5km 5 1 12v/Solar 0.50 £276.92