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Keeping Animals In - Poultry

Finding the right electric fencing system for your chickens can be a bit of a minefield - we hope that the information below alongside our downloadable guides will give you all the guidance you need to make an informed choice for your poultry electric fencing.

There are different types of electric fencing for poultry:

1. Temporary Electric Netting for Poultry

Electric poultry netting is ideal for containing all types of poultry in large or small areas (including ducks, geese, turkeys etc.) and keeping predators out (i.e. foxes, dogs, cats, badgers and mink). It is easy to move around so birds can be given new pasture, which minimises the problems of worming and gives pastures time to recover.

Electric Poultry Netting

As we said poultry netting is easy to move and set up and can also be used as permanent fencing if required. All our electric nets are dark green in colour and can be linked together to create larger areas. We have three categories of netting: The Professional Fox Busting Net, Premium Fox Busting Net and Standard Net. The Professional and Premium nets are 1.22m (4ft) high x 50m and the Standard Nets are 1.10m high x 50m.

What is included in the Premium Fox Busting 50M Kit?

  • 14 double spiked tread-in posts (single spiked on standard net)
  • Heavy duty mesh construction (premium nets only)
  • 1 x Gate Entry Post (this is an extra post at one end of the net which allows the net to swivel around)
  • 1 x Net repair kit
  • Warning Sign
  • Guys complete with pegs
  • Galvanised Pegs (To hold the bottom line of the net down)

Mesh Sizes?

  • Close Mesh: For smaller birds both Professional 1.2m(4ft) tall (50m only), Premium 1.2m (4ft) and Standard nets are available with close mesh in 25m and 50m. In this case, the number of verticals in the mesh have been doubled (the distance between the horizontal wires are the same in both cases) and creates spaces of 5cm x 7.5cm. Close mesh nets will also help stop smaller predators such as mink
  • Standard Mesh: The Premium standard mesh net is alright for containing standard layers and larger birds such as geese and turkeys

Post Sizes?

The posts sizes vary both in diameter and in height when comparing the nets.

  • Standard 1.10m Net - has 1.10m single pronged posts.
  • Premium Fox Busting Net 1.2m - has 1.2m ordinary double pronged posts (13mm diameter)
  • Professional Fox Busting Net 1.2m (50m only) - has 5 extra sturdy corner posts (19mm diameter) and 9 thick double pronged posts (15mm diameter)

Electric Fencing Kits for Poultry?

We have created a series of electric fence kits depending on how you want to power your system (battery, mains or battery/solar) and the number of nets, (which in turn determines the size of energiser). These kits incorporate all components required to set up your system plus comprehensive installation and operation instructions. (Normally a 25m net is fine for 2-4 birds, 50m for up to 10-12 birds and 100m for up to 30 birds.)

2. Permanent Electric Fencing For Poultry

Protecting an existing pen

An electric fence can also be added to existing runs to stop predators climbing or digging into the enclosure. A permanent poultry/pheasant run or aviary can be protected from predators by adding 2-3 lines of electrified wire supported by insulators on the existing posts of the enclosure. The bottom line should be supported by off-set insulators. This will stop foxes etc from digging under, whilst the other lines will stop them climbing. It will also be possible to use overhanging arms along the top of the existing fence.

Tensioned electric netting

If the netting is to be located in a semi-permanent or exposed position it can be strengthened by running two or three lines of stranded galvanised wire through it (the netting would not be electrified if used in this way) These lines must be supported by insulators mounted on separate support posts, plus strainer posts on starts/ends and corners. The wire is then tensioned which firms up the electric netting.

The picture below shows electric netting used by the RSPB on the Dee Estuary to protect a colony of Little Terns. The nets have no protection from on-shore winds but were kept firm by tensioned wire supported on wooden posts.

Multi-line Predator Fence

The Predator Fence can be used to protect large areas but requires professional help to install. It comprises of 6-10 lines of either stranded galvanised or high tensile wire, supported by insulators on wooden or metal tread-in posts. It is essential to use large strainer posts on all corners and gates as, once erected, the lines are tensioned via wire strainers.

Tensioning the wire: insulators mounted on wooden posts or strong metal tread in posts complete with insulators may be used to support the wire. In all cases tensioning the wire is key to a good effective fence. Tensioners can be added on to the wire has been installed, which pull the wire tight.

Poultry Kits And More Information

We have created a series of electric fence kits for poultry. These kits incorporate all the components required to set up your system plus comprehensive installation and operation instructions. If you are unsure of your needs or would like a bespoke system created please contact us: call 01620 860058 or email and we can talk you through the requirements.