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Keeping Animals Out With Electric Fencing

Our electric fencing systems and netting kits provide an effective deterrent and barrier to protect areas from unwanted visitors and protection from predators. Click on the appropriate links below for details of systems and guides on how to keep animals out with electric fencing.

Our protection systems are available in kit form with everything you need to protect your livestock, garden or pond with simple to follow instructions full parts warranty you can buy with complete peace of mind.

We also carry the full range of electric fencing essentials and spare parts.

Keeping foxes out


Keeping foxes out. Poultry and young stock protection.

Keeping herons out


Electric pond protection system. Electric fence system for keeping herons out.

Keeping cats out


Electric fencing for cats. Keeping cats out, off gardens, walls, ponds and fences.

Keeping deer out


Protection against Deer. Electric deer netting for keeping Deer out. Protecting gardens and crops.

Keeping rabbits out


Electric netting for rabbits. Keeping rabbits out, protecting gardens and crops.

Keeping dogs out


Electric fencing for dogs. Electric fencing to keep dogs off gardens, ponds etc.

Keeping animals off sports grounds

Sports Grounds

Sports & Amenities Applications. Green protection, planting and re-seeding protection.

Keeping badgers out


Protection against badgers. Electric netting system to keep badgers out, protecting lawns and grounds