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Keeping Animals In - Sheep

Sheep are escape artists! For them the grass is always greener on the other side! Sheep with a full fleece are very well insulated, so it is essential to ensure the energiser is powerful enough, taking both thickness of fleece and distance of the fence into account. Please see the information below on electric fencing for sheep.

There are three main options for sheep electric fencing and kits are also available:

  1. 3 Line/Reel System - Strip Grazing Systems for Sheep
  2. Galvanised Wire on Permanent Stock Fencing
  3. Electric Netting

3 Reel/Line System - Strip Grazing Systems For Sheep

A 3 reel system is ideal for both keeping the lines taut, storing the fence lines when not in use and for speeding up fence moves. Start and End Posts are standard for a straight line system - these posts have a three-pronged base for added rigidness. Plastic posts are generally used throughout these systems, however metal posts with insulators are available for systems with corners and more complex layouts. Seven strand flexible galvanised wire or 9 strand polywire create secure and effective grazing areas.

To create a controlled pasture management system, you may require both a fence 'in-front of' and 'behind the flock'. Depending on the area to be covered you could either use 2 separate electric fence systems or create a continuous fence line - whichever is the most suitable. Tread-in plastic posts are not sturdy enough for corners so use a metal three-pronged corner post or a wooden post with screw in insulators.

Galvanised Wire On Permanent Stock Fencing

If a longer term solution is required it would be possible to create an electric fencing extra barrier on stock fencing that is already in place. Screw in or nail on insulators would be attached to the wooden posts and galvanised wire would be passed through them - this is then electrified by an energiser (either mains or battery). A three strand fence is the minimum requirement for adult sheep. If lambs are also to be fenced in more lines may be needed and the spacing may also need to be closer together. This type of fencing would be particularly useful if fencing passes Rhododendron or vegetation that needs to be protected from wintering hungry sheep.

Electric Netting for Sheep

Electric netting is ideal to create pens (perhaps at lambing time) if needed or for straight line fencing for strip grazing - for example on sugar beet top clearing. Standard 50m net (0.85m or 1.05m high(goat net)) comes with built-in posts making it easy to erect and move. Additional nets can easily be added on to create larger pens or longer lengths for strip grazing. A wider mesh size is also available for sheep only and if foxes are a major problem we have a higher 1.2m net which will ensure they are kept at bay. Some systems have used up to 10 nets.

Kits And More Information

We have created a series of electric fence kits for sheep. These kits incorporate all the components required to set up your system plus comprehensive installation and operation instructions. If you are unsure of your needs or would like a bespoke system created please contact us: call 01620 860058 or email and we can talk you through the requirements.