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Keeping Animals Out - Sports Grounds

We have a range of both permanent and temporary electric fence systems to protect fine turfed areas such as bowling greens, cricket pitches, golf greens and lawns from the ravages of badgers, foxes, rabbits, deer etc. Temporary electric fences can be easily installed and taken up in minutes. Please see more information on electric fencing to protect sports clubs and turf below.

Bowling And Golf Green Protection

Depending on the problem i.e. rabbit, badger or fox, we have different sizes of electric netting which can be quickly erected and taken down for over night or periodic protection.

We can create a permanent around the perimeter of the club grounds to keep out foxes and badgers. This electric fence comprises multiple strands of wire supported on Insulators which are screwed into wooden posts.

Another solution is to use temporary electric netting around the bowling greens which can be easily taken up and re-installed.

Protecting Saplings

A longer term solution is required for protecting saplings and newly planted woodland areas from rabbit, deer, sheep etc. This can be either a multiple electric line system or a permanent electric netting solution.

Cricket And Football Pitch Protection

We have a range of electric fence systems to protect newly turfed or sown areas and young trees from the ravages of rabbits, badgers, and deer. In this case they need to be installed on a more permanent basis. They can then be taken up and moved to a new area as and when required.

Wild geese can be a major nuisance and can make an unbelievable mess of formal lawns. They usually land in safe areas, usually on water and then forage on lawns. We have found electric netting will effectively stop them and, being green, the nets are sufficiently camouflaged to blend in with the background.

Seeded Areas

Newly seeded areas can be protected from rabbits and deer by the use of temporary electric netting fences. These can be taken down and moved on to other locations once the grass has grown. We have a range of dark green electric netting which can easily be erected around the area to be protected.

Kits And More Information

We have created a series of electric fence kits. These kits incorporate all the components required to set up your system plus comprehensive installation and operation instructions. For more information, details of kits, pricing and order information please call us on 01620 860058 or complete the Brochure Request form (brochures can be instantly downloaded or posted to you if you prefer).