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Keeping Animals Out - Badgers

Badgers can wreck lawns, bowling and golf greens, cricket pitches etc in no time in their search for their favourite grubs, leather-jackets. Please see further information below on electric fencing for badgers.

An electric fence for badgers will keep them out. However, as a badger's thick hair acts as a good insulator, it is essential to have a strong energiser and the right wire or polywire to ensure they feel the impact of an electric fence.

Electric Netting

Electric netting is very easy to erect (simply unroll and push in the built-in posts) and just as easy to take down. You can link nets together as required. The nets come in 50 metres and two different heights - 0.5m and 0.75m (in orange or green).

Net Sizes: If badgers, dogs and foxes are a problem, higher nets (Premium Netting - 1.2m. 4') are available.

One problem often associated with electric netting is 'earthing' (when too much vegetation touches the electrified wire). This reduces the effectiveness by draining power to earth, consequently it is essential to mow or kill off the grass under and around the net.

All our kits have energisers which are powerful enough to cope with a certain amount of earthing.

Permanent Fencing

A more permanent solution is created by 4 lines of stranded galvanised wire or by adding lines of wire to an existing fence supported by Stand Off Insulators. (As badgers are strong it is not recommended to use anything less than 6 strand polywire). In both cases the wire must be supported via Insulators screwed into posts and then tensioned.

To stop badgers from burying under existing fences add an electrified wire supported by Stand Off Insulators mounted on the existing fence posts (8cm/3" from the ground).

Another 2 lines mounted on Insulators higher up the fence will prevent climbing. Again it is essential to ensure vegetation does not grow around the bottom line otherwise the effectiveness of the fence will be dissapated.

Tensioning The Wire: A tensioned wire fence will stop badgers from entering specific areas. Once a fence is erected, the wire can be tensioned via wire tensioners or reels however it is essential to incorporate strainer posts at every change of direction.

If foxes are also a problem, 5-6 lines of wire will be required, together with higher posts.

Temporary Fencing

For gardens, lawns and vegetable patches if may be necessary to install easy to move temporary electric fencing.

3 or 4 lines of strong Polywire (6 or 9 strand to give a good zap) can be run through plastic posts around smaller areas - this can be run off mains or battery powered energisers. The polywire is tensioned on corner or intermitent wooden posts by running it through screw-in ring insulators - this makes the fence more sturdy. This is an easily movable and effective solution to prevent badgers from intruding onto precious lawns and gardens. More lines of polywire can be added if foxes and rabbits are also a problem. A strong energiser must be incorporated into the kit to ensure a strong enough zap.

Kits and More Information

We have created a series of badger electric fence kits depending on the distance to be protected. For more information, details of kits, pricing and order information please call us on 01620 860058 or complete the Brochure Request form (brochures can be instantly downloaded or posted to you if you prefer).