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Keeping Animals In - Cats

Our invisible cat containment systems have been designed to give you peace of mind whilst letting your cat(s) enjoy the full extent of your garden/grounds. These systems remove the worry caused by straying, potential road accidents and bothering neighbours.

The system causes no harm to your cat and is effective for any number of animals dependent on the number of collars. You can also create a 'cat free zone' around specific dangerous areas such as driveways, gardens and ponds.

How The Cat Containment System Works

There is no 'fence' to see... it is an invisible fence and the system is more effective and much cheaper than traditional fencing. It can usually be installed and be up and running within a day (the cat may need a little time to get used to the collar).

Petsafe cat containment

Please follow all instructions that come with the kit very carefully. A wire, which acts as an aerial, is laid around the perimeter normally under the ground so it is invisible (i.e. continuous loop). Your cat wears a tiny receiver on its collar which picks up a signal when he/she is close to the wire. This gives out a warning sound followed by a correction if it is ignored.

The wire (which acts as an aerial) may be buried i.e. under a lawn or driveways (about 1-1.5" underground and if inside plastic piping as close to the surface as possible), pinned to an existing fence or pushed through the middle of a hedge. It must create a loop which follows a line (usually the boundary) all around the house.

The wire must start and finish at the transmitter. Loops may be created within loops to keep your cats away from specific areas (e.g. ponds and gardens). The wire comes in 150m lengths and can be easily linked together by joiners (supplier with the wire).

By making a 'Sausage Shape' loop with the wire, you can safeguard one, two or three sides of your property (i.e. without having to go all the way round). In this case, the 2 wires must be 3' apart from each other to be fully effective (1 line could be at the bottom of the fence and the other at the top of the fence). By bringing the 2 wires closer together (or twist the wires together) the signal is weakened thus enabling you to have areas of the boundary with a shorter or even no signal.

Gateway Protection
A simple loop around a gateway can ensure your cat cannot escape through an open gate. By twisting the wires on the way back to the transmitter, the signal is cancelled so your cat is not affected by the wire at that point.

Room Protection
The room protector is used in the house to stop your cat from going into specific rooms. It can also be used to protect gateways, if power is available close by and the unit can be housed in a weatherproof environment.

Burying The Wire
The wire may be pinned to an existing fence (please let us know if this is a metal fence), buried (i.e under lawns, driveways, paths, etc) or pushed through the middle of hedges (by tying the wire to a large bamboo stick, which acts as a needle). The key is to ensure it will not be cut by mistake. If it is cut the loop will be broken and the transmitter will sound an alarm.

If you are not sure if this is the right system for your pet and you have some questions, please contact us:

Call: 01620 860058
Email: [email protected]