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Product Guide - Electric Fence Testers

There are three main types of electric fence tester.

Proximity Testers

Proximity testers such as pocket fence tester or bleep tester detects the fence pulse from a short distance and emits a bleep at the presence of power - it doesn't indicate how much power is going through the fence. Another type of proximity tester shows a flashing light with good voltage or with the pulse of the fence.

Probe Testers

Probe fence testers need to connect to the earth (ie a prob goes into the ground) and the fence. This tester has multiple lights showing the amount of voltage travelling through the fence - the lights pulse with the fence. Probe testers can be used to test the fence, the energiser and the earth - by doing this you are able to work out if there are any areas where the fence is earthing.

Self Earthing Units

The KV10, JVA Fault Finder and the digital tester use our bodies to make an earth. Quick and accurate readings are gathered including Kv readings and amp readings to indicate the direction of fault (depending on which tester you have). The digital directional fault finder works on the principle that current flows through the path of least resistance. So if there is a short on the fence larger flows of current (amps) are detected and displayed.

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