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Keeping Animals Out - Rabbits

Electric Netting

Rabbits can devastate crops and gardens in no time. Electric netting, together with a sufficiently strong Energiser, is necessary to create a rabbit-free zone. Having hair on their feet, rabbits are very well insulated and so it is essential to have the correctly sized energiser. (Note: If the power is off rabbits will gnaw through the netting).

Nets are either 0.5m (orange, or black and white) or 0.7m (green) high and come with built-in posts making it easy to move.

Additional nets can easily be added on but it is essential to ensure that the Energiser has sufficient power to cope with the appropriate number of nets.

Electric netting is very easy to erect (simply unroll and tread in the built-in posts) and take down. You can link as many nets together as you require. They come in both 30 metres (in green) and 50 metre lengths (in green, black and white or orange), with posts already built in.

Additional posts can be added to in exposed or hilly areas and to minimise 'gaps' between the ground and the bottom line.

Net Sizes

If foxes are also a problem you will require a higher net (see Keeping Foxes Out), This net is 1.2m (4') high. One problem often associated with electric netting is 'earthing' (when the electrified wires touch vegetation etc. which drains power), consequently it is essential to mow or kill off the grass under the net.

Permanent Electric Fence

A more permanent option is to use 4 lines of tensioned stranded galvanised wire or add the wire to an existing fence supported by offset Insulators.
This solution requires a strong strainer post to be located at every change of direction. Intermediate posts may be tread-in (metal with Insulators or plastic) or wooden posts with Insulators.

A fence using 4 lines of tensioned wire can be used to stop rabbits entering you garden etc. The wire is supported by special tread-in posts or Insulators mounted on wooden posts approximately 0.7m (2' 3") high.

The wire is then tensioned (by adding on wire tensioners) so it is essential to incorporate strainer posts at every change of direction. If foxes are also a problem, 5-6 lines of wire will be required, together with higher posts.

Powering Existing Fences

If you already have an existing fence, an electrified wire supported by offset Insulators mounted on the existing fence posts (8cm/3" from the ground), will help stop rabbits trying to bury underneath the fence.

Kits And More Information

We have created a series of electric fence kits for rabbits depending on the distance to be protected. For more information, details of kits, pricing and order information please call us on 01620 860058 or complete the Brochure Request form (brochures can be instantly downloaded).