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Product Guide - Tape, Rope, Wire and Polywire

Rope and Tape Range

Value: A hardworking entry level product which gives a good zap and is ideal for smaller and respectful horses and smaller paddocks. Value tape is perfect for strip grazing or paddock sub-division.

Value Plus: A better quality product which is turbocharged for a better zap and which is ideal for all types of equestrian use from small paddocks to large ones. Value Plus Rope is a great option for post and rail protection fencing.

Premium: The top of the range tape/rope which is incredibly strong, has the strongest zap and which has a 7 UV guarantee. Ideal for large paddocks and serious users.

If you are not sure which level of tape or rope you should go for then please just contact us.

Wire Range

Polywire: Used for a variety of fencing purposes and very effective and flexible. Polywire generally come with between 3 and 9 strands of electric filament woven into it. The fewer strands the less zap the wire has. For example, 3 strand polywire is fine for cattle but for sheep we recommend 9 strand to get the zap past the woolly fleece !

Galvanised wire: A strong solid 7 strand solid wire which is perfect for more permanent fence set ups. Reasonably flexible, easy to work with and a very, very good conductor.

Aluminum wire: The ultimate in wire in terms of flexibility and conductivity combined. Light and easy to work with and used for more permanent based systems on the whole. Wire is 2.5mm in diameter.

High Tensile Steel Wire: 2.5mm high tensile steel wire comes on a wooden spool for easy use. Used for permanent stock fencing and electric fencing.

Equi-Line: 2.5mm high tensile wire coated in a high visibility polymer with conductive radial fins. Highly durable and a supremely conductive solution for permanent fencing for horses.

Hot Tips for Tape, Rope, Polywire and Wire

  • Don't tie lines of tape, rope, polywire or wire together, use the correct joiners, or over time you will lose your zap
  • Use the correct type of insulators for corners and tensioning or you may earth your system through your wooden fencing posts
  • Remember, the more metal filaments or strands the product has the better its strength and conductivity
  • If you are in a windy area or exposed area consider rope, instead of tape, because rope flaps around less
  • The lower resistance rating a tape/rope has the better the zap (conductivity) it will have
  • Try and use some wooden start/end posts if at all possible, they give the fence set up some structure and tension but please don't tie your tape or rope to the fence post or you will short your fence - use insulators

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