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Keeping Animals In - Dogs

PetSafe & SportDog Containment & Training Systems

  • Does your dog keep escaping?
  • Does your dog misbehave?
  • Does your dog bark too much?

A PetSafe Dog Collar Containment System is the answer.

Stop your dog escaping and roaming with one of our PetSafe Dog Containment Systems.

Why use a PetSafe Dog Containment System?

Because they have been designed to give you peace of mind whilst letting your dog(s) enjoy the full extent of the freedom of your garden/estate. These invisible (in-ground) systems remove the worry caused by straying, potential road accidents, chasing sheep or bothering neighbours – they keep your pets close to home and out of harm’s way. The collar system causes no harm to your dogs and one system is effective for an unlimited number of animals. You can also create a ‘dog free zone’ around specific dangerous areas such as driveways, gardens and ponds and even specific rooms in the house.

How does the dog containment system work?

There is no ‘fence’ (as it is in-ground) to see and the system is more effective and much cheaper than traditional fencing. It can usually be installed and operative within a day. A wire, which acts as an aerial, is laid around the perimeter on top of or underground (i.e. continuous loop). Your dog wears a tiny receiver on its collar which picks up a signal when he/she is close to the wire. This gives out a warning sound followed by a correction if it is ignored.

The wire (which acts as an aerial) may be buried i.e. under a lawn or driveways, pinned to an existing fence or pushed through the middle of a hedge. It must create a loop which follows a line (usually the boundary) all around the house.

The wire must start and finish at the transmitter. Loops may be created within loops to keep your dogs away from specific areas (e.g. ponds and gardens). The wire comes in 100m lengths and can be easily linked together by heat sealed joints (supplier with the wire).

By making a ‘Sausage Shape’ loop with the wire you can safeguard one, two or three sides of your property (i.e. without having to go all the way round). In this case the 2 wires must be 3′ apart from each other to be fully effective (1 line could be at the bottom of the fence and the other at the top of the fence). By bringing the 2 wires closer together the signal is weakened thus enabling you to have areas of the boundary with a shorter or even no signal.

Gateway protection
A simple loop around a gate way can ensure your dog cannot escape through an open gate. By twisting the wires on the way back to the transmitter, the signal is cancelled so your dog is not affected by the wire at that point.

Room protection
The ROOM PROTECTOR is used in the house to stop your dog from going into specific rooms. It can also be used to protect gateways, if power is available close by and the unit can be housed in a weather proof environment.

Burying The Wire
The wire may be pinned to an existing fence (please let us know if this is a metal fence), buried (i.e under lawns, driveways, paths, etc) or pushed through the middle of hedges (by tying the wire to a large bamboo stick, which acts as a needle). The key is to ensure it will not be cut by mistake. If it is cut the loop will be broken and the transmitter will sound an alarm.

If you need further advice on Dog Containment using the PetSafe products please get in touch: 01620 860058 or email: [email protected]

What does the PetSafe In-Ground Dog Contanment System Comprise?

The PetSafe In-Ground Dog Containment Kit Comprises:

  • Transmitter
  • Standard Collar with Receiver
  • 1 x 150m of insulated wire
  • 50 x training flags
  • Comprehensive training and installation instructions

If you have more than one pet or perhaps one pet is more stubborn than the other or maybe you have a large garden? How can our products accommodate this? Easy – more collars and/or wire may be added to the kit and the standard collar may be upgraded for Stubborn Dog Collar.

Collars and Bark Control Systems

Does your dog misbehave or bark too much? SportDog has the answers.

We have various sizes and types of collar depending on the size of dog. The Programmable collar enables you to determine the degree of correction i.e. to suit your dogs temperament or degree of stubbornness.

The large dog collar is programmable. A tiny receiver is embedded in the collar unit which picks up a signal from the wire (normally 2-3 metres away from the wire). You can adjust this distance by turning the range up or down on the transmitter. Your dog will first hear the 'Warning' sound followed by the 'Correction' if he/she goes closer to the boundary.

Bark Control

Continuous barking can become a nuisance, the BARK CONTROL collar detects continuous barking by noise and vibration and again gives out a Warning followed by a Correction if the Warning is ignored.

Remote Trainers

The Remote Training systems enables you to send commands to your dog up to 100m away. You can send a Warning signal followed by a Correction. Large dog or Small dog systems are available and all are programmable

The Transmitter

The transmitter enables you to control the 'RANGE' of signal from 3' 12' away from the wire. The signal encircles the wire so if it is set to be picked up 6' from the wire the signal is transmitted 6' in all directions from the wire.

If a break in the wire occurs the transmitter (loop light) will switch off and an audible alarm will sound indicating the system is not working. Line breaks can be mended with a wire joiner.


Training your dog to understand the meaning of the warning signal is fundamental. We provide small flags for use in training so your dog can see his boundary as well as hearing the warning sound (These can be taken down once he is familiar with the system). In many cases your dog will understand his boundary within a few days of training, even hours! We include a comprehensive Training Manual and Training DVD.

We have created a basic kit which can then be built on depending on the distance and type of dog.

Not sure what kit would suit your dog best? For more information, details of kits, pricing and order information please call us: 01620 860058 or complete the Brochure Request Form (brochures can be instantly downloaded or posted to you if you prefer).