50m x 1.22m Premium Fox Busting Poultry Net - with Close Mesh
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The strongest, HIGHEST, SAFEST and most SECURE poultry net on the market. Our premium poultry net is unique to Electric Fencing Direct. The net is 1.22m high by 50m in length, is dark green, has close mesh (7.5cm by 5cm sq) and includes:

  • at one end of the net a post is positioned to act as a gate post
  • galvanised peg set for securing the bottom line
  • 15 built in strong double pronged posts
  • heavy duty mesh construction
  • guy ropes and pegs for the end posts and better stability
  • a repair kit and a warning sign

A strong and sturdy net which keeps not only the fox but all predators at bay and is easy to put up and take down.