Raptor 0.80j (6v/12v/230v)
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Just what our customers have been shouting out for!  Thank you Hotline!  An energiser that can work from 6v, 12v and 230v.

The Raptor 0.80j is idea for small poultry pens and portable strip grazing as well as small to medium distance fences. 

This energiser range has three innovations:

1. Fence Performance Indicator

The three colour spinning LED relays information on the health of your fence system.  At a glance you can easily tell how well your fence is preforming.  Green is good, blue is acceptable and red means your fence needs attention.  When your battery is low the internal red LED will start to flash at this point if the energiser has an internal 6v battery fitted the energiser will switch to 6v power.

2. Power Source

What versatility! This energiser can run off a 12v leisure battery, solar, a 6v battery housed internally (not included) or mains electricity (adapter included).  The 6v battery is of a standard size and is available from most supermarkets or hardware stores.  If a higher amps 6v battery is used this can also be used as the primary power supply creating a lightweight and very portable energiser.

3. Stand

To get real value out of your energiser – treat it right.  Leaving an energiser on the ground in the damp wet conditions is a recipe for a break down!  The new Raptor comes with a galvanised stand to keep it off the ground and out of harms way.  This stand is not an earth stake.

·         Output 0.80j

·         6v internal battery provides primary or back up power

·         12v external battery power input

·         230v input (via adaptor)

·         Three colour fence performance indicator

·         Low battery indicator

·         Robust, heavy duty ABS case

·         Stand


This energiser could power - 8km of wire in ideal condidtions, or 5 sheep nets or 2 x 50m poultry nets.

5 year warranty on energiser 

A 12v 75amp/hr leisure battery would last about 3 weeks before requiring a recharge.