Buzzard - 12v Battery Energiser
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Popular 12v high powered energiser suitable for all argricultural and equestrian uses.

The Buzzard battery energiser has two power settings.

See below for the energiser spec:

  • 3.2 joules stored, 2.24 joules output on higher setting
  • 1.6 joules stored, 1.25 joules output on lower setting
  • 12v input
  • rigid four pronged stand
  • solar assist compatible (20w)
  • low battery/pulse indicator
  • a 12v 75 amp/hr battery will last for 3 weeks on the lower power setting
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Max 25km fencing, 20 sheep nets or 6 poultry nets in ideal conditions on higher setting.

Max 20km fencing, 8 sheep nets or 3 poultry nets in ideal conditions on lower setting.


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