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Solar Panels (Solar Assist)

Browse this section for our range of Solar Panels in our Solar Assist Range.

You can pair solar panels and stands with a number of different battery operated energisers.

Solar Assist Information: If you are tired of expending electricity and muscle power bringing your energiser batteries in to charge - then solar assist is your answer.  These solar panels connect directly onto a12v battery and extend the period between battery charges.  The level at which the panel will extend the life of your battery is dependent on the power of your energiser and the duration and strength of available light.  The stronger the energiser the more quickly it will draw power from the battery and the less time the panel has to replace the charge.  The ability of the panel to produce and replace the energy used by your energiser is indicated by the watt capacity of the panel, so a 20 watt panel will replace the charge quicker than a 20 watt panel.

** 10 watt solar assist - compatible with Merlin, Hobby, Gemini 40/80/120, Matador, Falcon, Raptor 20, Raptor 80,  Raptor 170

** 20 watt solar assist - compatible with all 12v energisers

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  1. 10 Watt Solar Panel

    10 Watt Solar Panel


    RRP :£142.56

    £131.59 (incl VAT)

  2. 20 Watt Solar Panel

    20 Watt Solar Panel


    RRP :£166.86

    £138.49 (incl VAT)

  3. Mounting Stake

    Mounting Stake


    RRP :£37.72

    £34.84 (incl VAT)

  4. 30 Watt Solar Panel

    30 Watt Solar Panel


    RRP :£234.04

    £215.92 (incl VAT)

  5. Shrike Solar Panel 2.5 Watt

    Shrike Solar Panel 2.5 Watt


    RRP :£42.45

    £38.68 (incl VAT)

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5 Item(s)

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