Phoenix HMX2500
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Single output energiser with timed power boost.  Fence monitoring facility, battery back up and command and communicate compatable.

  • 7-25 stored joules, 9.2kV output
  • Terminal cover
  • LCD display
  • Fence indicator
  • Battery back up
  • Earth alarm
  • Low voltage alarm
  • Fence short alarm
  • Fence break alarm
  • Timed power boost
  • 5 year warranty

Will power up to 85km of fencing in ideal conditions.  Not recommended for sheep or poultry netting.


Further information:

Operated from a platform of 7 joules witha boost capacity of 16 joules.  If the fence load increases gradually to a point where 7 joules are not sufficient to maintain an effective voltage, the energiser will boost output to the relevant joule.  However, if a sudden, heavy load is detected, the energiser will only enter the full boost mode following a 45 minute safe mode period.  On detection of sudden heavy load, the energiser will enter a delay period of 6 seconds, after which the alarm will sound if the obstruction causing the load has not cleared.  After a further 39 seconds the energiser will boost to full power but at the slow rate of 1 pulse every 3 seconds.  The slowed boost and alarm will continue for the 45 minutes unless the obstruction is moved and the energiser returns to normal operation.  If the load is still present at the end of the 45 minute period the alarm will cease the energiser will continue at the boost output level but at the normal rate of one pulse per second.