Gemini HLC80 - Electric Fencing Energiser Mains, Battery or Battery/Solar
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Gemini HLC80. A mains combination unit which offers cost effective and trouble free fencing and has a 12v battery option if needed. Ideal for a range of small scale fencing needs for both the small holder, horse owner and general farmer who wants to protect poultry, horses, cattle, pigs and sheep.

  • 0.8 joules of power output
  • 110/240v mains input
  • fully sealed and weather proof
  • self hanging on post/wall
  • LED indicators showing power status

Comes with earth, fence and battery leads and mains adaptor plug.

Ideal for small paddocks, short lengths of strip grazing and small poultry set ups.

Max 8km, 10 sheep nets and 3 poultry nets in ideal conditions. 5 year warranty.