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Pet Containment Kits

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Is your dog escaping?  Our in-ground Petsafe containment systems have been created to keep dogs (and cats) off specific areas, such as ponds, flower beds, seed beds etc. The system is one of the most affordable ways to keep your dog within the boundary of your property without the need to install and maintain an unsightly and expensive traditional fence.

Does your dog misbehave?  Help bring obedience and sort out unwanted behavioral issues with PetSafe Training Systems.

Is your dog barking too much?  If your dog is barking too much or perhaps for the wrong reasons - it's time to turn to Bark Control by PetSafe.

SportDog is our new range of products for the ultimate in gundog and sports dog training.

Please note: that as of 2010 it is against the law for us to sell Pet Containment or Pet Control products to customers who live in Wales.  The rest of the UK is unaffected by this law.

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