PetSafe - Wireless Dog Containment System
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CODE: PIF-300-21


This easy to set up Containment System uses a radio signal to establish a circular boundary perimeter creating a wireless fence - so there are no wires to bury.  This fence system can work with an unlimited number of pets (with the purchase of extra receiver collars) and is completely portable (so can be very useful for taking on holiday).  Suitable for dogs (not cats) over 3.6kg.

Kit features:

  • Max distance/coverage - 55m diameter
  • 6 stimulation levels
  • Tone only option
  • Low battery indicator
  • Waterproof reciever collar
  • Max collar size - 71cm
  • Collar weight 0 101g
  • Battery - 1 x 6 volt battery module (RFA-67D-11)
  • Unlimited number of pets on system
  • one receiver collar

These collars should only be worn for 12 hours maximum per day; exceeding this could result in medical conditions,