Metal Fixing Post & Premium 3:1 Geared Reels
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The premium reel with 5 year UV spool warranty.  Geared 1:1 for bringing the fence line efficiently and quickly.  Use the brackets provided to attach to reel fixing post.

Easy reel in three reel system.

This reel has a storage capacity of up to approximately:

  • 1000 metres of Polywire
  • 800 metres of Galvanised Wire
  • approx 150 - 180m metres of 6 or 7mm Electric Rope
  • 200 metres of 20mm Electric Fencing Tape


Kit comes with:

1 x reel fixing post

3 x reel fixing brackets

3 x premium 1:1 reels


Ideal for strip grazing cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.  Choose the distance you want to fence off and store the rest of the electric fencing on the reel.  Quick and easy to set up and a great way to store the lines so they doesn't get tangled...