400m - Three Reel System - Galvanised Wire
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Three reel systems come complete and packaged in one carton with the wire pre wound for easy installation. Excellent for subdividing fields and creating temporary enclosures. A very flexible and movable system. It includes:

  • 3 x Reels
  • 3 x 400m Galvanised Wire
  • 4 x 10 pack posts
  • 1 x end system post with insulators
  • 1 x reel fixing post
  • 3 x reel fixing bracket
  • 2 x hart clip double line connector

You will require a source of power (ie mains, battery or solar) and an appropriate energiser to power this system.  For advice or help call: 01620860058 or email.

(Reels and posts may vary in colour)