Fire Drake Solar Operated Three Line Pig Kit 160m
Price as configured: £408.91 (incl VAT)

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Fire Drake Solar Operated Three Line Pig Kit 160m
Fire Drake Solar Operated Three Line Pig Kit 160m

In stock

Price as configured: £408.91 (incl VAT)





    This solar 3 line strip grazing kit comprises of polywire and thirty tread-in plastic posts and will cover a distance of 160m (if using three lines). This kit comes complete with everything you need to get up and running to fence your pigs in; including a complete set of instructions which are attached to your order confirmation.


    This kit includes:



    • 30 x 3ft fencing posts

    • 1 x 500m 6 strand polywire

    • 1 x Solar Fire Drake 34 Energiser

    • 1 x 1m T Section Earth stake

    • 3 x Gate handles and anchors

    • 1 x 25pk insulators

    • 1 x 2 pack line to line connector

    * 1 x KV10 Fence Tester

    * 1 x Warning sign & comprehensive instructions


    For this kit we recommend the use of wooden start and end posts.  These posts act as secure and strong anchors and provide additional tensioning and stability.  If you are using wooden posts you will require insulators which screw into the wooden posts and hold the wire in place there is a pack of 25 ring insulators in this kit.



    The Solar Fire Drake energiser comes with a 12v internal battery and a 5w solar panel.  It also comes with a battery charger to help keep the battery charged during the winter months.  This energiser can power up to 2.5km of fencing in idea conditions.




    We have included a tester in this kit - the KV10 fence tester.  It is easy to use and it is possible to tell at a glance if the fence is working as it should.