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Poultry Netting Kits

Welcome to the home of the Fox Busting Electric Netting Poultry Kits !!

post sizes

We have kits for everyone - see features below:

  • standard netting kits:  for entry level with good all round protection and 1.1m tall netting (single pronged posts (1 in diagram)).
  • premium netting kits:  come with our 1.22m tall netting, double pronged posts (posts 2 in diagram) & netting clips.
  • professional netting kits: with the strongest, sturdiest double pronged posts, 1.22mm netting & netting clips (posts 3 & 4 in diagram).

All our poultry electric fencing kits are easy to set up and use, come complete with instructions and telephone support and, most importantly, they will keep those pesky, determined foxes at bay and your chickens safe !!

Check out our netting accessories for extra posts, pegs or guy ropes for your kit.

Can't work out exactly what you need?  Give us a call now on 01620 860058 or

Please Note: The bottom line of all electric netting is not live.  It can be pegged into the ground.  The next horizontal line up from the bottom is live.

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