Battery Powered Super Deluxe Professional Poultry Netting Kit - 50m
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You may ask... why have we created another poultry netting kit?  The answer is simple we wanted to create a kit with all the best products from our range to keep Mr Fox out...

The Super Deluxe Professional Battery Powered Kit 50m includes:

  • 1 x 50m of 1.22m (4ft) green heavy duty professional close mesh fox busting poultry netting with 9 x 15mm built in double spiked posts, 5 x 19mm additional double thickness corner posts (one of which can be used as a gate post for easy access), guy ropes and galvanised peg set to peg the bottom line down, repair kit and warning sign
  • 4 x extra strong corner posts
  • 1 x Raptor 80 Energiser (can work off Mains or 12v Battery and has an optional 6v battery back up)
  • 1 x 1m T section earth stake
  • NEW ADDITION...10 pack netting clips (to help prevent net sagging)
  • 1 x 1.2m hot gate
  • 1 x KV10 tester
  • Connections pack
  • Comprehensive, step by step instructions
  • Three year warranty on energiser

Product Information:

Professional Netting - this is 1.22m tall and has stronger posts than the premium netting - making the net sturdier and much easier to erect on ground that's not quite as level as you'd like!

Raptor 80 - this energiser is new this year and has a fence performance monitor - the three colour LED rotates with every pulse, showing how much effective voltage you have on the fence line.  A central LED flashes red when your 12v battery is low or when the energiser is running from the 6v internal battery.  The energiser comes with a galvanised stand and has a robust heavy duty casing.  This energiser has the options of running on mains, battery, battery/solar or 6v.

Earth Stake - heavy duty 1m T section earth stake.  Robust and has a larger surface area to ensure better earthing.

Hot Gate - This stand alone gate system can be incorporated into any poultry net.  It simply ties into the end of the existing net and provides access with out having to turn the power off.  The foot plate ensures the ground is not disturbed - keeping the area clean and free of mud.

KV10 Tester - compact and easy to use tester which lets you know how much power is going through your fence.  Bright LED lights indicate voltage up to 10Kv.



Battery not included. Please see battery section of shop.

Even with this being the strongest net on the market if you have very undulating ground or an exposed location you may want to consider more extra sturdy corner posts