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Fence Testers, Alarms & Signs

Some manufacturers say that an electric fencing kit or system is not complete if it does not have a tester.

There are three main types of electric fence tester.

1 Proximity Testers - such as the beeper that detects energy from a short distance and emits a sound at the presence of power. Or a tester that emits a flashing light with good voltage or low voltage.

2. Probe Testers - they connect to earth and fence.  Designed with multiple lights showing the amount of voltage travelling through the fence.  Can be used to test the fence, the energiser and the earth - therefore enabling the user to single out the earthing problem.

3. Self Earthing Units - the scout and the digital tester use the body to make the earth.  Quick and accurate readings are gathered including Kv readings, amp readings to indicating the direction of fault (depending on which tester you have).

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  1. KV10 LED Tester - 1,000 to 10,000
    £18.61 (incl VAT)

  2. Alarm Siren & Strobe for use with Phoenix Energisers
    £53.94 (incl VAT)

  3. Mobile Phone Command & Control Unit
    £251.42 (incl VAT)

  4. Lightning Arrestor

    Lightning Arrestor


    RRP :£22.80

    £21.37 (incl VAT)

  5. Warning Sign

    Warning Sign


    RRP :£4.80

    £4.64 (incl VAT)

  6. Fence Alert - Good Voltage

    Fence Alert - Good Voltage


    RRP :£29.35

    £27.53 (incl VAT)

  7. Pocket Fence Tester

    Pocket Fence Tester


    RRP :£10.13

    £9.34 (incl VAT)

  8. Six LiteTester

    Six LiteTester


    RRP :£17.30

    £13.42 (incl VAT)

  9. Digital Fence Tester

    Digital Fence Tester


    RRP :£49.14

    £38.39 (incl VAT)

  10. JVA Electric Fence Fault Finder
    £114.00 (incl VAT)

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