GSM Socket - for phone communication with mains powered energisers
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Control your mains powered electric fence (or any other appliance) with your mobile phone... sounds too good to be true!

But you can... anything is possible these days.  All you need is an External GSM Socket!

Plug your GSM socket in where your mains energiser was plugged in and plug your energiser into the socket.  

  • Its easy to turn your fencer on/off with a simple text (cost of standard message) or free phone call - no smart phone required!
  • The controller will text back status of device so you know its on or off. 
  • Instant notification by text if power is lost.
  • Ideal for devices used in remote locations.
  • Available with SIM card - number is on the unit. 
  • Housed in IP65 Outdoor Rated water resistant case
  • 110/220V AC Mains Input
  • Socket is compatible with a range of interntional plugs.

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