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Battery Energisers

A battery energiser makes your electric fencing system very mobile. These battery energisers are very popular for strip grazing and for seasonal use by farmers and horse owners alike.  See our range of battery energisers below

We also stock a full range of disposable 3v & 9v batteries & rechargeable 12v energiser batteries.

Solar Assist: Most 12v battery run energisers can be matched with solar panels to create a solar assist system.  This system prolongs the battery life by trickle feeding the battery (energisers have solar assist compatibility listed in their specifications).  Click here for more information on Solar Assist.

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NOTE: All our Energisers have a three year warranty

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  1. Gemini HLC80 - Electric Fencing Energiser Mains, Battery or Battery/Solar
  2. Raptor 0.80j (6v/12v/230v)

    Raptor 0.80j (6v/12v/230v)


    RRP :£175.51

    £194.42 (incl VAT)

  3. Raptor 1.7j (6v/12v/230v)

    Raptor 1.7j (6v/12v/230v)


    RRP :£217.54

    £167.33 (incl VAT)

  4. Shrike HLB100

    Shrike HLB100


    RRP :£100.55

    Regular Price: £111.44

    Special Price £77.34 (incl VAT)

  5. Shrike Ready To Go Bundle

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