Deer Kit Battery - Rope 4 Line - 100m
Price as configured: £378.42 (incl VAT)

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Deer Kit Battery - Rope 4 Line - 100m
Deer Kit Battery - Rope 4 Line - 100m

In stock

Price as configured: £378.42 (incl VAT)




    Muntjac, red deer and roe deer can cause considerable damage to new trees, hedges and garden shrubs.  Due to popular demand we have devised a new kit using rope to deter deer from vegetation.  The rope is to make the fencing visible to the deer.

    This kit can cover a maximum of 100m and uses battery to power the system.  We apprciate that not everyone wants to use electric netting as a deer deterrant - and so here is a kit that is less intrusive, less expensive and less maintance.

    A four line deer kit to keep deer out of a 100m stretch.

    This kit contains:


    • 1 x Gemini 40 Energiser (can run of mains, battery or battery/solar)
    • 1 x earth stake
    • 1 x 20 pack tall paddock post green 1.4m high
    • 2 x value plus paddock rope - white - 200m x 6m
    • 2 x hart clamp connector
    • 4 x tensioners
    • 1 x 25 pack ring insulators
    • 4 x gate handles
    • 4 x gate anchors 
    • 2 x 4 pack rope joiners (for end of lines to connect back to itself)
    • 1 x KV10 fence tester




    Battery not included. Please see battery section of shop.

    If you have undulating or exposed ground you may want to consider more using extra plastic 1.4m posts?

    To make this a more self suffcient kit why not make it solar.  Either add a solar panel and stake to your shopping basket or ask us to change the energiser to a solar energiser - Firedrake.