Dairy Herd - Strip Grazing Battery Operated Kit - 250m
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Dairy Herd - Strip Grazing Battery Operated Kit - 250m
Dairy Herd - Strip Grazing Battery Operated Kit - 250m

In stock

Price as configured: £299.74 (incl VAT)






    Being much more docile than beef cattle a single line system is usually sufficient to contain dairy herds.  Combined with a fencing reel and post with end post the system is very flexible and easy to move around and maintain.  It enables pastures to be rested, de-wormed and properly grazed and it can also be used to keep stock away from specific areas.

    The standard single line dairy kit covers 250m and uses 3ft/1m posts.  The kit uses polywire but galvanised wire or polyrope (stronger and more visable) will last longer (for galvanised wire and rope options please contact us).  All kits come with all the equipment you need and the instructions you will need to erect a safe and secure fence system.

    This kit contains:

    • 1 x HLB50 Super Hobby 12v battery energiser
    • 1 x earth stake
    • 1 x 250m 6 strand polywire 
    • 2 x 10pk eco plastic posts (1m)
    • 1 x reel
    • 1 x reel fixing post
    • 1 x end/corner post
    • 1 x warning sign
    • 1 x comprehensive instructions
    • Three year warranty on energiser

    This kit requires a 12v battery.  This is not included in the kit.  Please go to the Battery Section on the shop.

    Some manufacturers suggest that a kit is incomplete with out a tester - please click on testers to see our range.