'Hot Gate' for 1.1m Standard Electric Poultry Netting
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Electric netting has proven to be one of the best ways to protect poultry from foxes and other vermin.  However access into the netted enclosure has always been a hassle and complicated too as you need to turn off power and untie fiddly cords.

The new 'hot gate' is a stand alone gate system that can be incorporated into any 1.1m standard poultry netting.  It simply ties into the end of the existing - the system consists of:

  • 1 x 19mm gate post with out prong that fits into dock (with handle on the top)
  • 1 x 19mm double pronged post for dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 12mm double pronged post at other side of netting gate

1 x 1.25m close mesh green netting 1.1m high

2 x insulated gate handles - attached to posts at the top

1 x dock

2 x galvanised pegs for dock

6 x tie wraps

Opening Length: 1.25m.  Colour: Green.