Sport Dog - Sporttrainer 1600m Remote Trainer with Beeper
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Flexible training with instant dog location

The Sport Trainer Remote Trainer with Beeper offers ultimate control and flexibility at your fingertips.  The Remote Transmitter controls the compact Receiver Collar and at the same time remotely operates a rugged beeper up to a 1600m range.  Designed for keeping up with pointing dogs in the field, the entire system is waterproof and submersible (to 7.6m).

Audible up to 450m, the Remote Beeper has 9 distinct tones from which to choose.  Set the Run Mode to beep every 5 or 10 seconds or locate your dog with a push of the Remote Transmitter button.  The system is fully customisable, allowing you to set up 2 or more Remote Transmitters to control the same Remote Beeper and Receiver Collar.

The remote training system has 3 static stimulation ranges (low, medium and high) with 7 levels of stimulation offered in each level.  You can also train using vibration or tone stimulation for up to 3 dogs - all stimulation options are available whether running 1, 2 or 3 dogs.  SportDOG Add-A-Dog and Add-A-Beeper are availbe to expand your systems.


·         A choice of continuous (14 levels) or momentary (7 levels) correction

·         Adjustable stimulation levels (14 levels) to suit your dog's temperament – eliminating the risk of over correction

·         Up to 14 stimulation levels

·         Receiver and transmitter rechargeable (also applies to bleeper)

·         Low battery indicator

·         Maximum collar size 71cm

·         Receiver collar weight (including collar strap) 134g

·         Extra Sporttrainer Receiver Collar sold separately with remore bleeper add-a-dog (code - SDR-ABE) or Sportdog Add-a-Beeper (SD-BEEP-E)


This is a system that has been developed for all kinds of dog owners -  professional trainers, weekend hunters and those who want a little more peace with their dogs.

A robust and waterproof training device so suit all dog sizes, levels of activities, behaviour and environment.

Click SDR-ABE or SD-BEEP-E for accessories.