Post and Rail Protection Kit - 200m Rope Solar Powered
Price as configured: £421.67 (incl VAT)

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Post and Rail Protection Kit - 200m Rope Solar Powered
Post and Rail Protection Kit - 200m Rope Solar Powered

In stock

Price as configured: £421.67 (incl VAT)



    Post and Rail Protection Kits are ideal for stopping your horses chewing away at those expensive posts !!


    This Solar powered kit comes with everything you need to get up and running (including the 12v battery) and provides a single line of electric rope which can be secured to your existing post and rail fencing. The energiser supplied with this kit is the Fire Drake 67 which is powerful enough to give plenty of zap down the line. The Fire Drake is powered by a 12v battery (housed inside the energiser) and is trickle fed by the solar panel.  This enerigser also comes with a battery charger - so the battery can be given a deep charge from time to time (esp during winter months)


    This kit has been designed to ensure that post and rail fencing is protected.  By using one line of rope around the inside of the existing wooden fence it will prevent wood chewing, cribbing (crib biting), rubbing and scratching against the fence.  The kits use paddock rope and standard ring insulators. 


    This Kit Includes:


    ·          4 x screw in insulators (20 pack)

    ·          1 x gate handle

    ·          1 x gate anchors

    ·          1 x corner/end pulleys (3 pack)

    ·          1 x 200m x 6mm polyrope

    ·          1 x Solar Energiser (Fire Drake 67)

    ·          1 x Earth stake

    ·          1 x Warning sign

    ·          1 x Comprehensive instructions



    For bespoke kits that use stand off insulators, rubber tube insulator and tape, galvanised wire or polywire options please contact us.



    Some manufacturers suggest that a kit is incomplete without a tester - please click on testers to see our range.