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Sport Dog - Bark Control

Firm, fair and consistent bark control collars - can you hear the quiet?

SportDog Brand Bark Control incorporates Perfect Bark - a tecnology which provides firm, fair and consistent bark control.

Perfect Bark means that collars must detect both vibration and sound to trigger a stimulation - meaning that only the dog's bark will activate the stimulation, eliminating the risk of false stimulation because of environmental noises or another dog's bark.  Safe and effective for dogs over 3.6kg.

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  1. Sport Dog - NoBark 18 Collar

    Sport Dog - NoBark 18 Collar


    RRP :£69.99

    £62.60 (incl VAT)

  2. Sport Dog - Rechargeable NoBark Collar
    £115.32 (incl VAT)

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