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  The Home Of Hotline's Movable 3 Line System

Upgraded - Premium 3 Reel System - 500M 9 Strand Turbobraid With Geared Reels 

RRP £646.50 Our Offer Price £427.84

Connectors & Joiners

We stock a wide range of electric fence connectors and joiners for wire, tape and rope to ensure maximum conductivity in your electric fence.

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  1. Hart Clamp - Line to Line Joiner
    £9.47 (incl VAT)

  2. Line to Line Connector

    Line to Line Connector


    RRP :£10.62

    £9.80 (incl VAT)

  3. Wire Bolt Clamp Connector

    Wire Bolt Clamp Connector


    RRP :£8.10

    £7.48 (incl VAT)

  4. In Line Tape Joining Buckle - 20mm Tape
    £6.38 (incl VAT)

  5. In Line Tape Joining Buckle - 40mm Tape
    £10.38 (incl VAT)

  6. Inline Rope Joining Buckle

    Inline Rope Joining Buckle


    RRP :£9.50

    £8.77 (incl VAT)

  7. Rope Joiner

    Rope Joiner


    RRP :£10.02

    £9.25 (incl VAT)

  8. Stainless Steel Rope Connnector

    Stainless Steel Rope Connnector


    RRP :£14.16

    £13.07 (incl VAT)

  9. Galvanised Connector for Wire or Polywire
    £8.66 (incl VAT)

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9 Item(s)

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