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Insulators, Connectors & Tensioners

Insulators, Connectors & Tensioners

We stock an extensive range of electric fencing insulators, connectors and tensioners to ensure that your electric fencing installation is as efficient as possible.

An insulator's primary role is to securely hold the fence line with out power leaking to the post and then the ground.  A well designed insulator will hold the line securely so that it will not wear the tape, rope or wire when moved by the wind.

Corner insulators and end tensioners are used to take the strain of a tensioned fence line through changes of direction and at ends.  These insulators can help give a fence better tension and so you can use fewer plastic fence posts and at greater distances apart.

Off-set insulators hold the line away from the post giving extra distance from hedges and walls and an additional distance to prevent rubbing and chewing.  Double off-set insulators are particularly popular for keeping horses apart and away from fencing.

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