Battery Powered Electric Fence Protection for an Existing Poultry Pen
Price as configured: £245.42 (incl VAT)

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Gemini 40 - Electric Fencing Energiser Mains, Battery or Battery/Solar   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Hotline KV10 LED Electric Fence Tester   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
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Gate Anchors (pack of 2)   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Economy Gate Handle   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Value 6-Strand White Paddock Polywire - 250m   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
In Line Tensioner for Polywire, galvanised wire and rope (pack of 2)   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Hart Clamp - Line to Line Joiner   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Economy Paddock Essentials Ring Insulator for wire & rope   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
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Battery Powered Electric Fence Protection for an Existing Poultry Pen
Battery Powered Electric Fence Protection for an Existing Poultry Pen

In stock

Price as configured: £245.42 (incl VAT)




    If you already have a permanent poultry enclosure in place but feel you need more protection against Mr Fox then this kit is the answer for you and your hens!

    Electric Fence Protection for an Existing Poultry Pen Kit incorporates everything you need to fox proof a 50m enclosure (wire mesh stapled to wooden posts) with 3 lines.  

    These lines are screwed into the wooden posts and the polywire is run through them creating an extra barrier against predators.  One of the live lines will be secured through stand off insulators which will hold the polywire further away from the post - normally it's best to run this line at ground level where it will act as an extra deterrent.  The next two live lines run through ordinary screw in ring insulators.

    If the wire mesh is not buried into the ground you may want to consider attaching the wire mesh of your enclosure to the earth stake.  Alternatively if the wire mesh has a plastic coating it may be necessary to also run an earth wire at the top of the fence to ensure a scrambling fox gets a zap!


    The Battery Powered Electric Fence Protection Kit for an Existing Poultry Pen contains:

    • 1 x energiser (Gemini 40)
    • 1 x earth stake
    • 20 x stand off economy insulators
    • 50 x economy ring insulators
    • 1 x 250m 6 strand value polywire
    • 3 x gate handles
    • 3 x 2 pack gate anchors
    • 1 x 2 pack line to line connector
    • 3 x in line tensioners
    • 1 x KV10 fence tester
    • 1 x warning sign


    Please note: 12v battery kit does not include the 12v battery or a charging unit. Click Batteries for more details.  

    If you are not sure what you need ... please contact us:

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    Please note: In the kit picture the gate set up is shown using gate achors on one side only.  It is however possible to set up the gate with anchors on both sides depending on preference.