30m Mains Powered Garden Guardian Kit
Price as configured: £182.17 (incl VAT)

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Hotline KV10 LED Electric Fence Tester   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Gemini 40 - Electric Fencing Energiser Mains, Battery or Battery/Solar   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
1m Earth Spike   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Crocodile Clips (pack of 4)   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Ring Insulator for Wire, Polywire & Rope   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Supercharge 4-Strand Polywire 100m (green)   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Garden Posts (10)   + £0.00 (incl VAT)
Warning Sign   + £0.00 (incl VAT)

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30m Mains Powered Garden Guardian Kit
30m Mains Powered Garden Guardian Kit

In stock

Price as configured: £182.17 (incl VAT)



    This garden kit is ideal for keeping the cat, dog or other similar intruders off the garden or flower bed.  And from preventing herons from invading your pond!

    The kit comes with everything you need to get going and includes:

    • 1 x 100m of green polywire (enough for a 3 line 30m fence)
    • 1 x 1m earth stake
    • 1 x Pack of insulators (20)
    • 1 x 10 pack green garden posts
    • 1 x Croc Clips (4)
    • 1 x Warning sign
    • 1 x Mains powered energiser (Gemini 40)
    • Connections pack and comprehensive, step by step instructions
    • Telephone access to our installation support service (local call rate or we will call you back!)
    • Two year warranty on energiser

    Note: This is a mains operated kit so you will need a lead out cable to run from the energiser which is plugged into the mains out to your fence. Please see cable section of shop for cables.  Since you are running this energiser from mains, the energiser in this kit needs to be housed indoors or undercover.

    You may also want a cut out switch so that you can turn your fence off at the fence?

    Most manufacturers suggest that a kit is incomplete without a tester - please click on testers to see our range.

    Click these links if you need extra polywire or garden posts.