Water Pump - Solar and Battery
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NEW MORE POWERFUL PRODUCT with 60 Watt Solar Panel 


The battery pump has been developed in response to an increasing requirement to fence off water courses, in order to meet European clean water regulations.  Fencing off water courses protects against river bank erosion, deters poaching and contributes to cleaner water by keeping livestock away.

These kits enable easy, clean utilsation of existing water sources by pumping water directly to troughs and drinkers as it is required.  It can also be used to transfer water from water butts and other forms of water storage to the field.  The pump operates from a 12v battery which is housed within the control box (will take up to a 75amp/hr battery - please note battery not included).  The battery is kept topped up as it is trickle fed by the 60w solar panel.

Kit includes:

  • Control box
  • 12V submersible pump with 30m lead (Max 4amp - 120watt)
  • 60w solar panel
  • 1.5m solar panel stand
  • 30m 1/2" (12.7mm) bore ID reinforced hose 
  • electronic float switch  (x2 - one spare)
  • battery connection leads
  • buoyancy float (optional use) 
  • hose to tank fittings
  • hole cutter, jubilee clps, tie wraps

Head (metres) - Approx. Litres per hr

0 metres              320

1 metres              305

2 metres              300

3 metres              285

4 metres              275

5 metres              265

10 metres            210

The float is electronic - connect it on to a trough and so then when the float is lowered down by the water level it kicks the pump into action when it gets below a certain level.  The number of animals drinking from the trough and how often they are drinking will determind the life of the battery.  If your water source is more than 30m away from your trough it is possible to extend the hose.

If the pump is going to be in regular use then this solar version of this pump will be preferable to the battery only model  since the solar panel included in this kit will trickle feed the 12v battery and extend its life between charges.