Wand Lite Kit
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What a great idea... two Wand Lites and two batteries & charger - This kit enables you to set up your lighting straight away... no fuss!

In this kit:

    • 2 x Wand Lites
    • 1 x Battery Charger
    • 2 x 12v 35amp Batteries


Wand Lite

The Wand Lite is quick to put up, easy to use and virtually unbreakable.

What a magic idea... a flexible strip light that runs from any 12v battery! Use it in your farm shed, stable, garden shed, even in the loft..! Can be used anywhere really.

The Wand Lite is:

      • an 800mm long LED strip light providing 1700 lumens of light
      • operated from any 12v battery
      • a light that requires no mains electricity
      • a light with low consumption LED technology
      • a patented spiral LED giving 360 degree light
      • a water resistant light

Why is the Wand Lite magic:

      • effective alternative to fluorescent lighting
      • use with any 12v battery - mains not required
      • simple to install - takes minutes
      • light weight but virtually unbreakable
      • eco friendly
      • portable
      • 1 year guarantee

What does your Wand Lite come with:


      • 800mm LED strip light
      • 5m lead with switch and crocodile clips
      • 2 x wall fixing clips
      • 2 x hanging loops
      • 12 cable clips

The Fit One Charge One 

Twin, maintainence free 35ah leisure batteries with charger

These 35 amp/hr, re-chargeable 12v Sealed Agri Battery come full sealed and secured.

These batteries are designed to be discharged and then re-charged whereas car batteries are not. These batteries should have a life of 200 cycles so will last 5-7 years. Although a charge will last approx 4 - 6 weeks we do recommend that they are recharged every 2 weeks or so to keep the battery in best condition (batteries should never be allowed to go below 30% of their capacity). This battery has a depth of discharge of 70% and we have found that if allowed to discharge fully it could damage the plates and it will be very hard to get it to take a full charge properly again.