Sport Dog - Sporttrainer Remote Trainer 700m
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SportDog Remote Trainer 700m - with upgraded technology!


Sport Trainer 700m excels in all enviornments and is especially suited to upland and multi-dog hunting dog situations.  The compact hand size remote transmitter allows for field training and hunting with close-working dogs.


How does it work?  Simple - the remote sends a signal to the collar which delivers a static stimulation. (tone option also available).




·         Choice momentary correction or tone-only (1-dog mode only)

·         Adjustable stimulation levels to tailor the stimulation levels to suit your dogs temperament – eliminating the risk of over correction

·         Can be easily expanded to control up to 3 dogs

·         Up to 16 levels of continuous corretion or 8 levels of momentary stimulation

·         Receiver and transmitter rechargeable

·         Low battery indicator

·         Maximum collar size 71cm

·         Receiver collar weight 80g (plus strap weighs 46g)

·         Extra collar receiver sold separately (code - SDR-AE or SDR-AFE - 3 dogs),  Extra Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar & Beeper (SDR-ABE - 1 dog), Add-A-Beeper (SD-BEEP-E)



The Sport Remote Trainer wont let you down and comes with a 3 year warranty.