Power Source

Shrike HLB100
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 NEW Part - You can add this solar panel to the New style shirke and the solar panel will run the Shrike during the day (giving the bartteries a rest) then when the sun goes down the batteries kick back in 

Shop Solar assist panel for the Shrike 

Handy mini power house energiser designed to hang on the fence line, post or earth stake. Operates fron two standard D - Cell batteries (included) 

Or from an external 12v battery (not included)


  • 0.04 Joules
  • 3v internally housed batteries (internal batteries included)
  • 12v external battery option (part BL1 needed)
  • Own hanging case
  • On/off switch
  • Pulse indicator
  • Five Year Warranty

Max 800m of fencing in ideal conditions with single line.