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End/Corner Insulators for Wire, Polywire, Rope or Tape

End and corner insulators - make your electric fence secure and well tensioned.

If you need help to get all the right components for your electric fence please just ask us and we can talk you through your requirements.  Contact us: 01620 860058 or

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  1. Gate Anchors (pack of 2)

    Gate Anchors (pack of 2)


    RRP :£3.90

    £2.29 (incl VAT)

  2. End/Corner Strainer Insulator

    End/Corner Strainer Insulator


    RRP :£6.30

    £5.82 (incl VAT)

  3. Corner Clamp Insulator for Tape

    Corner Clamp Insulator for Tape


    RRP :£11.04

    £10.19 (incl VAT)

  4. End Post Tensioning Insulator for Tape
    £5.29 (incl VAT)

  5. Corner Pulley Insulator for Wire, Polywire or Rope
    £4.87 (incl VAT)

  6. Tube Insulator 30m Roll

    Tube Insulator 30m Roll


    RRP :£73.14

    £67.51 (incl VAT)

  7. Corner-End Strainer Insulator

    Corner-End Strainer Insulator


    RRP :£56.35

    £52.02 (incl VAT)

  8. Reinforced End/Corner Strainer Insulator
    £7.39 (incl VAT)

  9. 3 Way Gate Anchor

    3 Way Gate Anchor


    RRP :£3.54

    £3.54 (incl VAT)

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9 Item(s)

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