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Winter ready your horses field

Hello all, Happy Winter months.


And as many of you will have noticed hello rugs on some horses, this means that winter is here and that not only are the nights  darker and longer ( but now getting shorter yepee) but the grass will start to become scarse, now is an ideal time to think about sectioning off your field so you can rotate the horses to prevent poaching of the ground and you can still have some grass for them to eat here is a link to our horse kits which will allow you to look at sectioning off or strip grazing a field.

With rugged horses did you know the rug insulates them from the fence allowing them to lean over without getting a zap, shocking ( or not...) isn't it..?? Well we have a great new rug that will help with this as it transfers the power through a panel direct to the horses body ( no cables or batteries just pure rug)

The Fence Buster RUG

Shop Electric fencing direct horse kits

What you need to take into consideration is your horses personality.... is he/she a jumper or limbo pony? With this in mind you need to look at which size post will suit:

Value ECO Paddock Posts and Premium Paddock Posts are 1 meter high and most animals respect these but if you have a huge horse or the next Olympic champion the we also have 1.13m Stirrup Post,  1.4 m Tall Paddock Post or 1.5 m Stirrup Post  one of those should suit you wheather you have a Mini Sheltland or a Suffolk Punch.

Next onto Mains over Battery:

Well if any of you know me I love to big up the solar battery option and even in the winter this can work to your advantage esp if you use the Fire Drake ( battery, energiser and solar panel all in 1) the beauty of the fire drake is that it comes with battery charger for the winter months, so you treat it like any battery then you just hock it up and the battery will charge.

Solar Energiser Solar Energiser

You can of course use mains to power your fence here is a link to our Mains energisers, 

When you look at which energiser to buy make sure you take into consideration how long your fence line is esp if you are using 2 or 3 lines, always make sure you have some power left over.

Once you have figured out your height and length of fence and how you are going to power it the next question is Tape of Rope ?

It is personal choice,  personally I like Rope as it does not flap around in the wind.

Rope and Tape Range
Value: A hardworking entry level product which gives a good zap and is ideal for smaller and respectful horses and smaller paddocks. Value tape is perfect for strip grazing or paddock sub-division.

Value Plus: A better quality product which is turbocharged for a better zap and which is ideal for all types of equestrian use from small paddocks to large ones. Value Plus Rope is a great option for post and rail protection fencing.

Premium: The top of the range tape/rope which is incredibly strong, has the strongest zap and which has a 7 UV guarantee. Ideal for large paddocks and serious users.

Shop Tape or Shop Rope

Another thing I would look at over the winter is if you have beautiful post and rail fence with no electric fencing protecting it this might be the time it gets eaten when the grass is gone and they just want something to chew on you don't want this to happen do you?


Shop post and rail protection

So you can have this instead


Hot Tips for Tape and Rope:
1) Electric fencing paddock tape Don’t tie lines of taperope together, use the correct joiners, or over time you will lose your zap !
2) Use the correct type of insulators for corners and tensioning or you may earth your system through your wooden fencing posts !
3) Remember, the more metal filaments or strands the product has the better its strength and conductivity
4) If you are in a windy area or exposed area consider rope, instead of tape, because rope flaps around less
5) The lower resistance rating a tape/rope has the better the zap (conductivity) it will have
6) Try and use some wooden start/end posts if at all possible, they give the fence set up some structure and tension but please don’t tie your tape or rope to the fence post or you will short your fence – use insulators!


I hope you have found this helpful in your planning for the un and coming winter.

Happy Shopping

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