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War Horse Ride 2014


In August 2014 we were contacted and asked to supply some electric fencing to keep 28 horses enclosed in the evenings on The Warhorse Ride 2014. We did so with pleasure and asked in return to see some pictures of this great ride. The horses that were to be enclosed were militry horses who were taking part in The Warhorse Ride in commemoration of all the men and horses who were invloved in the early part of the Great War.

Here is a bit fo information on the ride:

'The War Horse Ride 2014, under the royal patronage of HRH The Princess Royal, commemorated the 8,500 men and the horses of the British Cavalry Division and the crucial part they played in the early months of the Great War.

It also raised money for The Not Forgotten Association, a charity supporting wounded or sick members of the armed forces and ex-service men and women with disabilities.

In August 2014 some 35 riders, each representing one of the regiments and corps that comprised the Cavalry Division, set out to ride 100 miles across France over five days following a route that will take in the sites of some of the most famous cavalry actions of the opening weeks of the war.

Riders wore the same uniform and carry the same weapons and accoutrements that their predecessors did in 1914.'

This was a well documented ride both in the paper and on the news, we have been lucky enough to recieve some pictures of the ride. Here are just a few for you to see not only our fencing but also the people and horses taking part in this commemerative ride. and the clothing they wore.

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The electric fencing they travelled with:

1 x Shrike HLB100 powered by 2 x D cell batteries
5 x Value ECO Paddock Posts (10)
1 x 1m Earth Spike
1 x In Line Tape Joining Buckle
2 x Value Paddock Tape - 200m x 20mm - White

Should you want to strip graze your field or add a boundary to stop the horses from eating your hedges or wooden fences this will do the job for you.


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