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It's Magic! The New 'Wand Lite'

Battery Powered Strip Light

These lights have been so popular... that they are now out of stock until January 2014.  Order now and we'll send out in the new year!

It really is magic the Wand Lite is so quick to put up, easy to use and virtually unbreakable.  What a great idea... a flexible strip light that runs from any 12v battery.  You can use it where there is no mains electricity... in your shed, stables, farm buildings, cupboard, basement... anywhere!....

So what is a Wand Lite exactly:12v Battery Powered Wand Lite

  • 800mm long LED strip light
  • operates from any 12v battery
  • light with no mains electricity
  • low consumption LED technology
  • patented spiral LED gives 360 degree light
  • water resistant

Why is the Wand Lite magic:

  • effective alternative to fluorescent lighting
  • use with any 12v battery - mains not required
  • simple to install - takes minutes
  • light weight but virtually unbreakable12v battery powered wand lite
  • eco friendly
  • portable
  • 1 year guarantee

Included in the Wand Lite package:

  • 800mm LED strip light
  • 5m lead with switch and crocodile clips
  • 2 x wall fixing clips
  • 2 x hanging loops
  • 12 cable clips

You will need a 12v battery to power the wand lite - we have a selection of batteries in our online shop.  The Wand Lite draws only 1 amp of power when lit.  So if you have a 75 amp/hr battery in theory you have 75 hours worth of light.  However to prolong 12v battery life it is recommended that you don't run the battery down completely so you would want to recharge the battery before it runs out of power.  It is possible to add a solar panel to the battery to trickle feed the battery.

Such a simple installation... takes only minutes - check out the installation video:

The Wand Lite is now available in our online shop.  If you have any questions please ask… we’d be happy to help:

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Wand Lite Switch wand lite screw hanger on battery operated wand lite wand lite clipBattery operated LED Hotline Wand Lite

Meriel Younger

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